What Colors Match With white Bedroom Furniture – Whether your bedroom is filled with the latest white streamlined bedroom furniture fashions or carefully placed white antiques, white bedroom furniture is versatile and goes with a variety of color palettes and tastes. You may dress up your white furniture to accent your style, whether you prefer bold colors or a softer, more subdued design.


Bright pops of red accent soothing white furniture and are easily added with an antique quilt, a bright lampshade, throw pillows or a throw rug. Because red is such a bright color, it provides a strong contrast to pure or antique white. Red gingham, polka dots, plaids and other patterns are widely available in red and can accent white furniture with their interesting textures and patterns. Curtains in these patterned fabrics instantly draw the eye and set the tone for an entire room.


Black can be used to accent white furniture in a multitude of ways. Plain black bedding or bold black and white stripes create a fresh, modern design, while black and white damask or toile lends an antique look to a room with white furniture. Accent options for a black and white room include a modern or vintage lamp, a black patterned throw and a textured black pillow or wall art. Dramatic chandeliers in black and white make bold statement pieces, while large floor pillows in black and white prints draw the eye.


Soft or bold pinks lend a feminine ambiance to white furniture and can be added through punches of color with a bold, fluffy pink duvet cover or a bright coat of pink paint on the walls. Soft, romantic pink accessories throughout the room can evoke a feeling of a Parisian boudoir, while brighter pink schemes, lighting and wall art will create a young spirit and young feeling in the room. White curtains can be enhanced with pink accents, while pink curtains can be a bold statement piece.


Adding soft, tranquil blues to the white furniture in your bedroom is a quintessential beach style and begs for plush, thick, aquamarine throws, hurricane lamps filled with sea glass in a variety of blue hues and all sorts of beach accessories. A room filled with serene light blues paired with thick white linens and pure white walls can be the ultimate escape for beach lovers.

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