Traditional Decorating Style. Traditional decorating style is usually made up of calming color palettes, matched furniture and accessories and a sense of organization in a room. If you want your home to look refined, a traditional style works best because it allows you to use subtle, clean colors and neatly place furniture for an all-over appeal. There are many design elements that indicate a traditional decorating style, all of which may be incorporated into any room of the house.

Traditional Decorating Style :

Color Palette

Colors found in traditional decorating are usually medium in tone, using a dark or light shade of trim to complement the walls. Floral patterns are incorporated into traditional styles, so use them for color inspiration. Choose the lighter shade in the pattern for the paint and use the darker color as an indication of flooring or upholstery color to use in the space. For a soothing paint palette, look for cool shades in blue, green or purple to dress up the walls.


Traditional furniture is ornate without being overdone. Wood furniture is comprised of curved lines and stained with a dark finish, and carvings within the wood decorate larger pieces of furniture like beds, cabinets or tables. Upholstered furniture, like sofas or reading chairs, typically have rounded edges and come in classic styles like wing-backed chairs or sofas with rounded backings or armrests.


Adding accessories to any room is essential to give it a sense of personality. Traditional accessories are usually paired together and placed neatly around the room on shelves or tables. Hang up landscape artwork in embellished frames, add an oriental rug to a dining area or runner in the hallway or place matching lamps on side tables near the sofa.


Lighting in a traditional style is comprised of materials like brass or bronze and can be used as wall sconces, hanging fixtures and table lamps. For formal dining rooms or social areas, brass chandeliers with crystal accents are ideal for traditional d├ęcor, while brass-based table lamps with soft, rounded shades complement the entire room.

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