Tips on Decorating a New Home. Whether you are a first-time home buyer or have just decided to change your decor, decorating a new home is often time-consuming and expensive. It is wise to select an existing item or two in each room on which to base your accessories and other decor. Building your decor around items that reflect your personality and taste ensures that you are happy with the results for a long while.

Tips on Decorating a New Home :

Focal Point

Design each room’s decor around a focal point. This may be a beloved painting, a pillow, a sculpture or a piece of furniture or architectural features such as a fireplace or a niche. In a bedroom, the focal point can be the bedding, a throw pillow or other decor; in bathroom areas it may be a shower curtain or a framed picture. Base the style and colors in each room around the focal point when adding to the decor.


Determine what style you desire for your new home. If you enjoy cozy, comfortable, overstuffed furnishings with a vintage, shabby-chic or antique look, you will probably be most content with casual or country styles. A love of classic, elegant furnishings and pieces that never go out of fashion works well with traditional or formal decor. If you feel at home with sleek lines, trendy decor and bold colors, modern or contemporary decor is perfect for you. Whenever you make additional purchases for your home, base your choices on the decorating style that makes you feel comfortable or that you admire in other people’s houses.


Color plays a large part in how people feel in a room. Select a color from the focal point that you want to highlight or bring out in the room. Build new purchases around this color by choosing fabrics and decor in light, medium and dark tones of the same or complementary color. This ensures that everything in the room coordinates and looks attractive together.

Alternative Furniture

Many homeowners prefer to save for furniture that they adore rather than buy something inexpensive just to make do. In the meantime, you can use alternative furniture to provide some of the furniture basics in your home. For instance, a picnic table is a funky way to add seating to a dining room while you save for an high-quality table, chairs and matching china cabinet. An upside down wastebasket can serve as an end table or nightstand. Trunks are useful as coffee tables or even additional seating.

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