Ocean View Home of Glass, Steel and Wood in Manhattan Beach

Ocean View Home of Glass, Steel and Wood in Manhattan Beach. This ocean view house glass, steel and wood in Manhattan Beach, California covers 2200 sq. ft. of living style in a sleek, 1350-sq .- ft. half-lot. The architects in Lean Arch separate themselves from the norm in the design, the home of contemporary cool.

Oceanfront Design with White Exteriors and Interiors

Oceanfront Design with White Exteriors and Interiors. A luxury design by architect Richard Meier and his partner Michael Palladino, this cool Southern California beach house is the epitome of cool. Fronting the Pacific Ocean to the south, a courtyard to the west and the Pacific Coast Highway to the north, this 4280-sq .- ft. beach

Loft Apartment Decorating Ideas

Loft Apartment Decorating Ideas – This attic apartment, which goes for an art collector in San Antonio, is stuffed with great designing ideas for example super glossy flooring and colorful add-ons. The option of whitened throughout really improves light reflection, leading to the attic to feel huge and open. We like the way the roofs

Amazing Rustic Modern Interior

Amazing Rustic Modern Interior. This is the interior design of modern rural vacation rental apartments in Spain. Stone, wood and raw concrete interior laid the groundwork, providing warm vibration countryside. The rest is modern and efficient and provide a fresh edge of space. The bedroom is roomy and inviting, European-style kitchen is very interesting and