Outdoor Living Room Designs

Outdoor Living Room designs Outdoor living room designs can be very beautiful. Different design ideas will help you to decorate the outdoor spaces and make them become living rooms. Check out the images for inspirations for decorating such outdoor living room designs. Firstly you need to determine which area you want to decorate, an open rear deck or patio is a great starting point.

How to Create a Home Theatre in Your Home

Home theater is one of the luxury entertainment devices for home. Nowadays, due to the affordability of electronics, you can have your own home theater. To create a home theater, you don’t need to have an expensive furniture. The first thing that has to be looked at is the budget. Obviously budget is another consideration and

Decorate a Cozy Library

Decorate a Cozy Library. Featuring a cozy library is the dream of every avid reader. Cozy atmosphere of the library is able to make the reader happy to stay longer. To create a comfortable atmosphere, you can put some points to add warmth and comfort of the room while you are reading. library,library room,cozy library,library

Casas del Sol Contemporary Villa in Thailand

Casas del Sol Contemporary Villa in Thailand. Casas del Sol, contemporary tropical villas on the island of Koh Tao, Thailand that he designed and had built up over the last few years. They were officially opened this month and what Christina calls ’boutique beach chic’ = understated luxury in a modern tropical design that captures