Southwestern Style Home Decorations. Traditional Southwestern decor deviates from Western-styled decor by adding a South-of-the-border tone to decorations and furniture. Still rustic and charming, Southwestern style allows decorators to incorporate the bright colors of Mexican tiles, the geometric patterns from Native Americans and the warmth of Western accessories to make up an inviting blend of comfort and tranquility. Find out what decorations you can use to infuse your home with more Southwestern style.

Southwestern Style Home Decorations :


Pick furniture with Spanish influences to contribute to a Southwestern decor. Heavy wood furniture in dark stains decorated with geometric or flower carvings are the basis of Old World Spanish style. Use upholstery fabrics in bright turquoise, ochre and deep red or bright yellows and soft browns. Fabrics with a striped or geometric pattern can lend a Native American feel to upholstery as well.

Wall Art

Woven textiles can significantly add to a Southwestern theme. Pick out a Native American or Mexican blanket to hang on the wall. Horseshoes, saddles, bridles and other cowboy gear lends a rustic and authentic look to decorating. Branding irons or roping gear contributes to authenticity of a Southwestern style. Try incorporating Talavera tiles into an eclectic arrangement over a mantle or above a leather sofa. Talavera tile is a type of brightly colored and elaborately decorated, ceramic Mexican tile that can be found in a wide range of colors.

Pottery and Containers

Urns, vases, bowls and baskets made by Native Americans will help add visual interest to your Southwestern home. Terra cotta pots painted in elaborate geometric patterns, or baskets woven with brightly dyed reeds, provide a punch of color to neutral-colored homes. Arrange a collection of pottery as a centerpiece for a coffee table or fill a basket with pine cones or stones for an earthen, natural look. Use your painted pottery as containers for cacti and other small desert plants to bring a piece of Southwestern desert indoors.

Odds and Ends

Even small decorations can make a big impact on a home. Use wrought iron accents in the form of horse sculptures or a large Mexican sombrero as a three-dimensional wall hanging. Wooden boxes and trunks can help store clutter while adding Southwestern interest to a room. Dried vegetables such as corn, gourds or chili peppers, hung artfully in a kitchen, bring a rustic look. Consider adding a mounted animal head such as horned bull to finish off a Southwestern look.

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