Painting Ideas for Bedroom Flower Power – If you are looking for a new spin on typical teenage room decor, an extreme “flower power” theme might be just the option. Colorful and charming, this theme can be catered to match any style and taste. Try painting a floral-heavy design on either an accent wall, the whole room or even just the furniture and accessories. The right color scheme and flower shape help complete the right look for your needs.

Color Scheme

Cater your “flower power” paint design to suit your tastes. For example, if you want something that is graphic yet simplistic, a contrasting flower color palette, such as black and white, pink and green or blue and yellow, is a dynamic presence in the room’s decor. For something soft and feminine, use shades of pink and yellow. Choose your color palette according to the types of flowers you want to paint. For example, warm shades like yellow and brown are the colors of sunflowers and tropical shades of fuchsia and red work for hibiscus.

Groovy ’60s

Use your paint design to symbolize the birth of the “flower power” movement. During the 1960s and 1970s, flower power was alive and well as a symbol of peace, love and a oneness with nature. The flowers depicted in this movement were curvy and colorful, sometimes in pastels, more saturated hues or even in neon colors. Accent with other signs of the time, such as peace signs or music notes. Use stripes to accent the colorful flowers. For a more psychedelic twist, use wavy or even spiraled lines as a backdrop for the flower patterns.

Projected Flower Mural

To create a flower mural on a large surface such as an accent wall, use a projector, which provides a significant benefit. Look for inexpensive to moderately priced projectors at art supply stores, and use it to transfer a small flower image into a much bigger silhouette onto the wall. Trace the silhouette on the wall with a pencil or a piece of colored chalk, and then paint to fill in the colors of your design. With a projector, you may choose to create the same image at various sizes or make a uniform wallpaper-like effect on the wall’s surface.


If you are not comfortable with your flower-painting abilities, use stencils instead. Look to your favorite arts and crafts supply store for ready-made stencils you can use to paint your own flower power mural. Or, with a craft knife and a sheet of plastic or thick paper, make your own stencil using a picture of a flower as your design inspiration. Alternately, freehand your own abstract interpretation of a flower.

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