Ideas for Paint Stripes on Walls. Adding stripes to a wall in your home will immediately add more visual attraction to this section of the room and provide either a slight change in texture or a bold color accent. You have several ways to include stripes in the room’s decor, whether your style is sophisticated and modest or bold and daring.

Ideas for Paint Stripes on Walls :


Creating a monochromatic effect by adding stripes that are slightly lighter or darker than the walls adds a modest but aesthetically pleasing element to any room. This design choice also makes adding brighter colors to the room without overwhelming the space easier. For instance, if the walls in your bedroom are pastel, add charcoal stripes to the walls to complement your cherry red armchair or cobalt blue chest of drawers. Painting stripes in vibrant hues on a blandly colored wall can serve as the room’s main decor. For instance, hot pink stripes on the gray accent wall of the powder room will wake up the room.

Stripe Width

The larger the wall, the further you can space the stripes out. For instance, the living room’s sophisticated feel will be maintained with wide gold or bronze stripes painted 6 or 7 inches apart on the tan or medium brown wall. Painting the stripes 3 or 4 inches from one another is best for a small accent wall, such as the space in the foyer or a short wall in the kitchen. If you’ve decorated this space in Southwestern decor shades like red, burnt orange or chocolate brown, choose a brighter hue that fits the color scheme, like turquoise, to create slim 1- or 2-inch painted stripes with.

Stripe Direction

Vertical stripes on the wall can make the ceiling appear higher and give the room a particularly structured look. Lighter colored stripes, or stripes in shades that match closely with the original wall hue, will give a spacious look to the room as well. Horizontal stripes are casual and playful, making them ideal for a den or child’s bedroom. Eye-catching stripe colors like red, which evokes energy, or yellow, the color associated with cheeriness, are perhaps best suited for these areas of the home. Diagonal or chevron-style stripes are best for a small accent wall as they provide the illusion of movement but may be too intense for the entire room.

Additional Accents

Once you’ve painted stripes on the walls of your choice, you can make the space even more impressive by choosing a bright or metallic color for the wall paneling. For instance, a room with black and white stripes looks especially elegant with silver paneling. Or you can provide the same room with an adventurous feel with lime green or turquoise paint on the panels. You can also also incorporate an additional design into the stripes to match the room’s decor theme. If you’ve decorated with roses, allow the stripes on the main wall to dry before using stencils to paint large roses in random spots, which showcases two designs at once.

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