How to Decorate a Bedroom With Titanic Theme – The RMS Titanic set sail on her maiden voyage from Southampton, England, on April 10th 1912. It tragically collided with an iceberg four days later, killing 1500 people. The 1997 film by James Cameron, starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio, sparked a new interest in the story of the Titanic, and the ill-fated ship became a popular theme for interior decor. Whether you are inspired by the original events or the award winning film, recreating an authentic-looking Titanic bedroom creates a rich, grand and highly decorative space.

  1. Plan the design of the room to give you a good plan of what look you are trying to achieve and the materials required. According to Titanic and Co, the 39 first-class suites on board the Titanic were decorated in a range of period styles, such as Louis XIV, Louis XV, Georgian and Queen Anne. These styles are rich, grand and highly decorative, featuring mirrored, wood paneled, and marble-clad walls and painted ceilings.
  2. Select a color palette for the room. Use strong, regal colors such as deep reds, purples, dark greens, burnt umber and gold. However, don’t mix these colors together, or you will lose the overall effect. Decide on one main color and team it with plenty of gold. One example of a color scheme for a Titanic-themed room is to have one half marble half mirrored wall, a deep red ceiling, gold molding and deep red walls. Other texture and detail will be added to the room in the form of furniture and accessories.
  3. Add furnishings to the room. Rococo and baroque furniture, featuring pieces with elaborately carved legs and richly-patterned upholstery, are ideal. The first class Titanic suites consisted of up to five rooms, but if your bedroom is not that big, a single baroque-style chair in the corner will be sufficient when teamed with dark, ornately detailed wooden pieces such as chests of drawers. A chest at the end of the bed is handy for storage and fits with the Titanic theme and an ornate, four-poster bed completes the rich, grand furnishings. If your budget does not stretch to this, focus on smaller pieces of furniture and use appropriate bedding to tie the bed into the rest of the decor.
  4. Collect a range of accessories to complete your Titanic decor. Items such as a baroque style mirror, an ornate hand-held mirror, vintage perfume bottles and atomizers complement the Titanic theme. Continue the ornate and elaborate feel with the lighting; chandeliers and candelabra are an ideal choice. Highly decorative, boldly-patterned baroque fabric cushions and bedding recreate the authentic look of a Titanic bedroom, and Titanic-themed artwork ties the whole room together.

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