How to Customize Your Own Apartment. Apartment living is simply a stepping stone in life. While an apartment is your home, that does not always mean you can change whatever you want to fit your needs or wants. Apartment complexes often have rules about changing anything permanent in the apartment such as wall color and carpeting. However, a few decorating stipulations does not mean your apartment has to be boring. Customizing your apartment so it looks the way you want it is not hard with a few room changes, decorations and imagination.

How to Customize Your Own Apartment :

  1. Ask your landlord about painting. Certain apartment complexes give renters the choice of painting the walls of their apartments. While the landlord may not allow strange colors or wallpaper, even a subtle change in wall color makes your apartment a little more individual.
  2. Incorporate your personality into your living space. Just because your apartment looks identical to most of the other apartments in your complex does not mean your decorations must follow suit. For example, add more color to the apartment by decorating with brightly colored lamps or artwork. By using decorative pieces that reflect who you are, the monotony of the rest of the apartment fades into the background.
  3. Decorate with temporary wall pieces. Certain stores carry removable wall stickers that simply stick on and then peel off when they need removing. With the abundance of removable wall stickers available, choosing a few and placing them on the walls creates your own customized mural. Tapestries and hanging quilts are also ideal wall decorations that not only add color but coziness to an apartment.
  4. Switch the rooms around. Most apartment complexes feature the same floor plan for many apartment units. Instead of using the floor plan accordingly, switch the rooms around. For example, instead of using the area labeled “den” as a den or a sitting room, make that your bedroom and the bedroom your sitting room.
  5. Cover up the carpet with rugs. Most carpets in rental apartments are neutral colored and sometimes worn down. Place colorful rugs throughout the apartment. Use runners in the hallways and larger rugs in bedrooms or the living room.
  6. Cover up the plastic blinds with nice curtains or take down the plastic blinds and install new ones. Place the plastic blinds in an area for safe keeping. Remember to reinstall them before moving out.
  7. Rearrange the furniture. Sometimes all you need is a fresh aspect. Place your couch where your sitting chair is or your television against the other wall. Rearranging the furniture often makes a room feel larger, as well.

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