Funky Teen Bedroom Painting Ideas – A teenager’s bedroom is the one place a teen can call his own. Decorating this space will help make it feel more personal. If you are tired of the conventional decorating styles, you might be looking for something a bit more unusual. Paint is a simple and affordable way to completely redefine a space to match your tastes. Instead of just picking one color for all four walls, think outside these constraints for some funkier techniques that will make your room stand out from the rest.

Faux Wallpaper

Wallpaper is used to add big impact, but it is expensive and difficult to remove. Instead, consider using paint to create a funky faux wallpaper effect in the bedroom. For an all-over print, use stencils to create your design. From wavy lines to a chevron pattern with contrasting colors or even polka dots, painting with stencils can add instant character to the bedroom at a fraction of the price of buying and installing wallpaper.

Graffiti Mural

The bold colors and graphic design of graffiti makes for a dynamic presence in a teenager’s bedroom. Teenagers can use spray paint and handmade stencils to create a vibrant design that expresses his interest. Teens will love inviting their friends to be a part of the painting process, creating their own designs. Before beginning, remove furniture from the room and cover the flooring with plastic sheeting. Open windows for ventilation.

Hobby Themes

If the teen has a specific interest, this can be the basis of the room theme. For example, if he loves football, you can decorate the room to reflect this by designing it to look like a football field. Cover the floor in green rugs, painted with goal lines. Paint the walls in favorite team colors. If he loves to play the piano, paint the entire room to look like piano keys or sheet music.

The Fifth Wall

For a very funky room painting design, don’t forget the fifth wall: the ceiling. Play Michelangelo and start a mural on the ceiling. Paint a mural of the day or night sky. Another option is to paint a landscape. For example, paint a scene of spring in Japan. Cover the ceiling of your room in cherry blossom trees. For a three-dimensional effect, fold origami birds and suspend them from the ceiling to make it seem like the scene has come to life.

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