European Rustic Home Decor. Rustic European home d├ęcor draws inspiration from Spanish, Tuscan and French farmhouses and English cottages. The key to European rustic home decor is the use of simple, natural materials, such as wood and stone. These materials reflect the wear that comes with age and this is what European rustic home decor strives to replicate.

European Rustic Home Decor :


The patina of the worn stone kitchen floors of a European farmhouse comes from centuries of use but you can come close to replicating the look with field stone or terra-cotta tiles. Other areas of cottages and farmhouses have rustic wood floors. You can achieve this look by laying wide pine or oak planks and leaving them unfinished to age naturally.


Many European cottages feature timbered walls with plaster or stucco between the exposed beams. This look can be replicated by using textured paint on the walls to resemble stucco and adding faux wood beams. Fireplaces warm the interiors of rustic European homes. Include one in your home, if possible, with a stone veneer.

Windows and Doors

European farmhouses were often constructed with wide windowsills. Give your windows this look by replacing your existing sills with wider ones. Add heavy wooden shutters to the outside of the windows. Spanish-style doors were constructed from heavy wood with iron hinges and hardware. If the style of your front door lends itself to a European makeover, paint or stain it a dark color and use heavy black hardware, such as wrought iron.


The furniture in European farmhouses or cottages is generally simple, handcrafted and utilitarian, designed to stand up to hard wear. Primitive-style cupboards, Windsor rockers and weathered farm tables fit the bill in today’s homes. Spanish-style furniture tends to be dark, heavy and intricately carved and trimmed in wrought iron, copper and brass. Find authentic pieces in stores that specialize in European antique furniture or purchase reproductions.


Baskets and colorful pottery are staples in rustic European kitchens. Use them to store vegetables and fruits for natural counter displays. Bring rustic style to your kitchen with a wrought-iron hanging pot rack. Elsewhere, use wrought-iron wall sconces and wall art to give your home a Tuscan-style rustic touch. A painting featuring a landscape works well in a room with a French country theme.

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