Decorating Tips for Walls Apartment. Even though you don’t own your rented apartment, it is still home to you. It’s natural to want to create a warm and inviting space, to add touches that are distinctively your own. As impersonal as an empty apartment may feel, there are ways to make it a showplace. First, find out from your landlord if you are allowed to paint the walls or use wallpaper. The extent to which you are permitted to make changes will determine which wall decorating ideas you can incorporate.

Decorating Tips for Walls Apartment :

Paint an entire room or choose one wall to act as a dramatic block of color. The biggest impact on home decor is made through the use of color. Paint can transform any space at relatively little cost. After you’ve opted to paint, there are a number of techniques you can use, such as faux painting techniques like color washing, antiquing or painting stripes. Another option is to stencil a border around a room or just around doorways and windows.

Use wallpaper to add a burst of style to a room. Removable wallpaper is easy to take down when you’re ready to move or when you simply want to change the decor. Or try a wallpaper mural. These murals add depth to a space and are available in a variety of styles.

Find decorative picture frames that catch your eye and collect them for a wall collage. Decorative frames are available in antique shops, rummage sales, thrift stores and, possibly, a relative’s attic. Do a “practice run” before hanging them by laying them out on a table or the floor. Clustered together on a wall, even mismatched frames make a fun decorative statement.

Create your own wall art. A quilt made by your grandmother, hats you collected on a trip to Asia or a child’s artwork are all items that can be tastefully hung on your apartment walls. The keys are in determining which pieces bring you the most pleasure and which are the most simple. Your child’s artwork in plain black frames will make more of an impact if they’re not surrounded by the clutter of other items competing for attention.

Hang fabric on an accent wall. Choose a fabric that coordinates with the rest of the room and use liquid starch to adhere it to the wall. When it comes time to take it down, all you have to do is peel it off and give the walls a good cleaning.

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