Decorating Ideas for Bachelor Pad – There’s a stereotype of the common bachelor as a messy, unorganized man with a messy, unorganized house full of electronic toys. While this may be true for some bachelors, not all bachelors are cut from the same cloth. Some men enjoy decorating and cleaning. Others may not enjoy it, but they want a place that will shine that will attract the opposite sex. While every bachelor is different, there are some decorating techniques that you can do to make your bachelor pad a true home.

Decorating Ideas for Bachelor Pad :

Easy Care

It is hard to properly take care of your home when you are just one person, especially if you are a busy bachelor. Choose easy-to-care-for items, such as leather furniture (spills can be wiped off easily), simple lamps (nothing too ornate that will collect dust) and hardwood floors (no vacuuming required, although you will have to sweep). Instead of covering your windows with blinds (they collect dust very quickly), install roman shades, which have a sophisticated look, but are easy to care for and inexpensive to purchase.


If you are “decorating challenged,” stick with a two-or-three-color scheme, and only purchase items in those colors. A black and white scheme is very modern and masculine, and lets you accent with any color you choose, such as stainless steel silver. Black and white, however, can feel very cold. Add a modern throw rug in any combination of colors to your hardwood floors and some throw pillows if you want to warm up the room a bit. Also, be sure to paint your walls. Unpainted walls make a room look unfinished, and paint is not only inexpensive, but it’s easy to apply.


While it may be tempting to purchase that blinking lamp shaped like a football, consider banishing such items to a private room. Instead, decorate your main living areas with a more sophisticated look. An easy-to-care-for plant, such as a cactus, can really warm up a room (avoid silk plants, as they need a lot of dusting). Bring in some floor and table lamps, which cast people in a much more flattering light than harsh overhead lights. Invest in a warm blanket and throw it over the back of your couch. Set some intelligent magazines on a simple coffee table, along with some coasters, which show that you really care about your furniture. Finally, consider storage. Many bachelors need a lot of storage. Invest in an entertainment unit that will allow you to put all of your electronics in one place. If that looks messy, purchase one with doors on it, so you can close the doors on the mess when you have company.

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