Decorating Ideas for Apartment Balcony – An apartment balcony offers up a blank slate waiting for your own creative and personal touch. Like any outdoor patio or yard, an apartment balcony should be considered a bonus space that should be planned and decorated. After you check with the landlord for balcony restrictions, get busy creating a space that will invite you out every morning and say goodnight to you each evening.

Decorating Ideas for Apartment Balcony :

Zen Space

Create a tranquil retreat in your urban outdoor space and block traffic noise and nosy neighbors from your view. Build a meditative area on any size apartment balcony by first creating a new view with thick, tall plants lined up against the railing. Place a small-to-medium-size outdoor fountain in one corner of the space to provide restful water sounds that muffle city noise. When you place an outdoor bamboo mat and your favorite Buddha statue front and center, you set the mood for a relaxing space perfect for prayer, yoga or meditation.

Lush Garden

Style your own botanical garden display of blooming plants and lush vegetation. Use pots of various sizes, colors and designs and fill with plants that will flower and grow all summer long. Create clusters of potted plants to avoid the static lined-up-pots look and make your display look more organic. Place a small round table and two chairs on an outdoor area rug to complete the look.

Cook’s Space

Honor the outdoor chef in your apartment by focusing the whole balcony on the art of cooking. Start with an appropriately sized grill for your balcony space and then complement the cooking area with potted herbs that can be picked and sprinkled on food right from the balcony. Add a chair for the chef to relax in while cooking and a small table to hold plates and utensils.

Shabby Chic

Even a small apartment balcony can be transformed to a cozy space with Southern charm. Use reclaimed short, white picket fencing to line the railing area and set the backdrop for potted wildflowers and tall grasses. Place white wicker chairs and a small round table on the balcony, topped with a colorful teapot filled with flowering violets. Dot a few unmatched teacups among the potted plants to hold birdseed or small plants and add to the shabby chic feel of the balcony.

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