Decorating Ideas for a Bedroom With Twin Beds – Create beautiful room with twin beds that captures your kids’ love for nature, dinosaurs and or Disney characters. Match up both beds with coordinating bedding or mix things up by featuring a different colored bedding on each bed. Design a space that totally blends together or create contrast in the room by decorating a private space with different, yet complementary decor for each child. You can customize the desk area for older kids or create two distinctive play corners for small children.

Decorating Ideas for a Bedroom With Twin Beds :

Matching Princess Floral Canopy Beds

Showcase matching princess canopy beds in a room for sisters sharing a room. Use sheer pink fabric for the canopy on each bed and use ribbon to tie silk flowers around the posts of each bed. Place pink and purple pillows and bedding on both beds and hang up princess-themed pictures above the headboard of each twin canopy bed. Place nightstands with pink lamps next to each bed and find other princess decor to go with the room.

Coordinating Frog Theme Beds

Design a frog room with twin beds for two little boys. Adorn one bed with green bedding and place blue bedding on the other bed. Place blue and green pillows and stuffed frog toys on both beds to bring both colors together. Hang up colorful pictures of frogs above each bed and decorate with other frog decor such as frog wall stickers, lamps and toy boxes.

Purple and Yellow Butterfly Beds

Feature twin purple and yellow butterfly beds for a butterfly-themed bedroom. Buy two wooden beds painted purple and place these side-by-side in the room. Place a yellow nightstand next to each bed with a purple lamp on top. Adorn each bed with butterfly-themed bedding and find yellow and purple butterfly-shaped pillows to go on each bed. Find other butterfly decor for the room and hang decorative butterfly pictures above each bed.

Matching Boys Boat Beds

Design a nautical room with two matching boat twin beds. If your budget allows, buy beds shaped like boats. Adorn these beds with red and blue bedding and pillows and hang up boat pictures above each bed. If you can’t afford boat beds, find white beds and use a hot glue gun to glue boat-shaped buttons all over each bed in random spots. Look for lifesaver float pillows and other boat decor to feature in the room.

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