Decorate Garden Kitchen. A garden-style kitchen brings the outdoors in. Plants flourish on sunny windowsills. Garden furniture replaces more conventional pieces. Botanical art work and floral fabrics shine against a palette drawn from the outdoors. Garden-style decorating evokes the spirit of vegetables sun-warmed from the vegetable patch and freshly picked flowers. Best of all, you don’t have to live in a country cottage to decorate your kitchen garden style, get the look no matter where your home may be.

Decorate Garden Kitchen :

  1. Paint your kitchen in garden hues. Install white bead board halfway up the walls and paint the space above it sunshine yellow or grass green. Paint your cabinets pale green, if your walls are neutral. Highlight them with pulls in the shapes of flowers or vegetables. Stencil a bright sunflower yellow border around the top of the walls or on the cupboards.
  2. Install a plant window with extra deep sills to hold pots of herbs. Start seedlings in small containers to transplant outside later. Highlight it with seasonal plants like potted daffodils, tulips, hyacinths and amaryllis.
  3. Dress the windows in curtains in a garden print. Choose one that features vegetables or herbs. Or opt for a botanical toile pattern. Hang tab curtains on rods fashioned from twigs or grapevines. Craft curtains from vintage dishtowels or table cloths featuring floral motifs.
  4. Display garden accessories. Place vintage watering cans, birdhouses and terra-cotta pots on top of your cupboards. Hang straw garden hats on pegs beside your door. Lean a vintage rake in a corner. Keep cooking utensils on the counter in a large terra-cotta pot.
  5. Line up milk bottles, each holding a single bloom, on your windowsill. Fill Mason jars with casual bouquets of mixed flowers like cosmos, sunflowers and daisies. Create a centerpiece by filling a watering can with hydrangeas, roses or sunflowers. Hang flowers to dry from beams on your ceiling or a pot rack or peg board.
  6. Gather colorful vegetables like tomatoes, green and yellow peppers, purple onions and zucchini in a colander, basket or wooden bowl and place it on your table for an impromptu centerpiece. Hang wreaths made from garlic and hot red peppers on the wall and door.
  7. Hang wooden signs depicting vegetables and fruits on the wall. Frame botanical prints and surround a window. Display an old garden gate as art on your wall, if space allows.
  8. Arrange wicker chairs around your table or set one in a sunny corner. Choose cushions in a floral print. Substitute a rustic picnic table for a more traditional one. Create a seating area with Adirondack chairs right out of the garden and a coffee table fashioned from grapevines.
  9. Suspend hanging pots in macramé holders from brackets installed above your windows. Fill them with plants that hang and trail like spider plants, ferns and English ivy.

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