Country Decorating Styles. A variety of decorating styles can be used to create the right atmosphere for a country home or to bring a little country into a city or suburban home. American, rustic, Tuscan, French and Italian country styles can create very different feels while still retaining country charm and a sense of space. In some cases, these styles can be mixed and matched to create different effects in different rooms.

Country Decorating Styles :

American Country

American country style tends to nod to patriotism with shades of red, white and blue. Stars, such as barn stars, are frequently featured as are items that conjure up images of America’s rural past. Folk are and hand crafts, especially wood crafts, tend to be prominently featured and accessorized with baskets and other whicker crafts as well as candles, dish towels and pillows. Animals such as cows and chickens are frequently used in decoration as well.


When you think rustic, picture an isolated fishing or hunting lodge. Walls and furnishings may be dark earth tones such as browns, grays and greens. Finished wood tends to dominate rustic decor and natural materials tend to make up the bulk of the decoration. Folk art and native art are frequently used for decoration but these, again, rely on natural materials and earth tones.

French Country

French country style takes its influence from French history. As often as possible, French country uses French arts and crafts including pottery and fabrics. Fabrics use rich colors, striped patterns and olive prints. Floral patterns in pastels, especially purple and pink are also frequently used for accessories. French country kitchens tend to be organized but cluttered with pans and utensils hanging on hooks and open shelves.

English Country

English country harkens back to the craftsmen of 18th century rural England and the country cottages of English aristocrats. Hardwood floors and soft shades dominate English country, as does oversized furniture. Large freestanding cupboards are used for storage and large framed prints showing historic or rural scenes decorate the walls. A colorful garden is a must for English country.

Tuscan Country

Tuscan or Italian country relies heavily on texture using stone and plaster. Light, earth tones including browns and yellows are frequently used and the decoration celebrates food, wine and nature. Italy is a warm country and Tuscan country tends to be open air and let the outside in. Terra cotta and copper pots and decorations of fruit, dried herbs, fruit, vegetables and grape vines are common.

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