Cheap Ways to Decorate a College Apartment. Moving to an apartment while attending college is liberating and exciting. However, many students move in and then wonder how in the world they’ll be able to afford furniture and decorations, and the excitement dwindles. Decorating a college apartment on a budget can be an entertaining and fairly stress-free process. All it takes is a little planning and some creativity. Use all of the resources available to you and look for other uses for common items. You’ll be surprised at the unique yet functional apartment you’ll put together.

Cheap Ways to Decorate a College Apartment :


Look for furniture deals wherever you can. Furniture is the most expensive part of decorating an apartment. Check with friends and family members to see if they have any unused furniture you can purchase for less. Better yet, they may be getting rid of it and you may be able to score a free couch or chair. Go to yard and estate sales. These sales are excellent places to find dressers, coffee tables and bookcases. Look at sites like Craigslist for furniture; people are always selling their unused items. Once you have your furniture, make it your own. Painting a table or draping fabric over a chair can give it a whole new look.


Fabric isn’t just for curtains. There are numerous ways to decorate with textiles. You can make a runner for the floor beside your bed out of a piece of fabric. You can also use fabric with an interesting print or pattern to decorate your walls. Cover up scratched tables with a couple of yards of fabric. Rugs and curtains soften the apartment and make it more inviting. Take a trip to the fabric store to see what they have on sale. Many times fabric from the bolt is less expensive than buying pre-made curtains or tablecloths. Don’t forget to check the remnant table. Often the best deals are found on these odd pieces.


While it is common for a landlord to restrict a tenant from painting the apartment, you can still add color to your space. Bring color into your room through bedding choices and accessories. A bright bedding ensemble can completely change the atmosphere of a room. Throw pillows on a bed or couch can inject color into a drab space. Use cheerful towels and a coordinating shower curtain in the bathroom to make it a delightful space where you can start your day.


Accessories help make your apartment match your personality. This is where you can display the things you like and express your interests. These items don’t always have to be purchased in a store. If you collect items, display them in interesting ways. Frame maps of your favorite cities or their subways. Bring in natural elements like dried flowers or grasses. A group of photos can be displayed in identical or coordinating, inexpensive frames. Shop thrift or antique stores for vintage newspapers, concert posters or vinyl records to hang on the wall.

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