Cheap Organization Tips for an Apartment. Keeping any home clutter-free is a challenge, but it is even more problematic in a small apartment space. In an abode where storage space is at a premium, smart organizational solutions are vital to the overall function of the home. With a few organizational tips and several easy-to-find storage items, a well-organized home is attainable by most homeowners. The result is a space that is stylish and functional at the same time.

Cheap Organization Tips for an Apartment

Utilize the Space Under a Bed

Purchase a set of bed risers to raise the height of the bed. This gives you additional space to store items such as bed linens, seasonal clothing and shoes in clear plastic containers or vacuum-seal bags. The floor area makes efficient use of space and provides a hidden organizational area for myriad household items as well.

Hang Organizational Units Over Doors

Hang over-the-door storage racks on the back of bedroom and bathroom doors to store towels, clothing and shoes. This cheap organizational tool creates additional spots for essential items while not taking up much space itself, which is important in a home where storage is at a premium.

Create Easy Storage with Hooks

Keep kitchen, bedroom, living room and bathroom items off the floor and in easy reach with the use of simple, wall-mounted hooks. This budget-friendly organizational tool is easy to install and comes in a variety of colors and styles to fit any style decor.

Add Extra Space to a Closet

Create a closet with vertical organization. Purchase clear, vertical-hanging sweater and shoe units, and hang them in a clothes closet to store all types of apparel. Many apartments have small closets, so making use of the vertical area is an important way to maximize storage space and provide added function.

Create Simple Kitchen Storage

Add kitchen organizational racks. Purchase wire kitchen racks and shelves to amplify the storage area inside cabinets. Wire shelving plate racks, pot shelves and spice organizers are inexpensive and easy to use in kitchen cabinet areas. Using these added shelves and racks is an inexpensive way to increase the function of your cabinets despite their small square footage.

Create Attractive Shelving

Take a tall, freestanding shelving unit and fill the shelves with storage baskets. Fill the wicker baskets with items that tend to clutter your home, such as magazines, newspapers, office supplies and craft items. This serves as an attractive, cheap organizational space that makes optimal use of vertical space.

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