Cheap Apartment Decorating. You don’t have to spend a fortune updating the apartment or completely overhaul the space with expensive items. Simple changes like rearranging items within the home in a new way refreshes the space and does not cost a penny. A fresh coat of paint and adding decorative pieces here and there can give your apartment a new look. These changes are cost-effective and also very easy to do over a weekend.

Cheap Apartment Decorating :

  1. Paint the apartment in a cozy, neutral color like beige, light gray or cream; these colors don’t date the room and ensure that you have a long-lasting design scheme. Use wallpaper or a contrasting color to create an accent wall.
  2. Hang mirrors across a window to reflect light into the room. Put a mirror in a dark corner to create the sense of a more open space. Use existing mirrors in varying sizes, shapes and color to create a mosaic effect on one wall of the apartment.
  3. Bring the outdoors in with a fresh bouquet of flowers from the garden. Place a cluster of bare twigs in an oversize vase to use as the centerpiece for the kitchen table. Rest a trio of houseplants over cabinets, accent tables and shelving to provide a burst of color.
  4. Rearrange furniture and accessories in new ways to create a whole new look. Make seasonal changes like a fresh set of pillows over the couch or an inexpensive window treatment in the living room.
  5. Cover old pieces of furniture like a sofa or chair with slipcovers. Try a pattern like stripes, botanical or paisley to add whimsy to the room. Cover outdated kitchen chairs with white cotton slip covers.
  6. Change the look of the room with decorative accessories. Create a focal point with a favorite collection of vases, figurines or vintage plates. Refresh the kitchen with a new set of dish towels or floor rug.
  7. Revive old cabinets with new pulls or knobs. Use vintage glass knobs for a classic theme or choose brushed metal for a more modern feel.

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