Children is Sinks by Meridiana

Children is Sinks by Meridiana. A cool idea for kids drown, drown Orizzonte Latin by the Italian company Meridiana come as a wall-mount or table vessel sink. Decorated as a soccer ball, made for children can drown a fun accessory in the bathroom of your child, especially if he or she is a member of

Modern Playhouse for Kids

Modern Playhouse for Kids. Give your kids a creative place to play with a great modern design of the Playhouse. These modular, sustainable play structures for kids take the traditional tree house one-step beyond. Designed by Gitane Royce – a construction professional, environmentalist and mom to a three year-old – Modern Playhouse is made to

Tian Tang’s Come And Draw Kids Drawing Table

Tian Tang’s Come And Draw Kids Drawing Table. Tian Tang ‘Come and Draw’ kids drawing table to process the potential of art made of small children, but children are more able to enjoy it too. Table, which doubles as a desk and a sketch, to achieve both a creative outlet for children served and solutions

Kids Chairs by Plust

Kids Chairs by Plust. Flexibility is the key to the children grow and their needs change, which is why we love this chair Plust turned cold with the Italian company. The modern Wood-stock collection by designer Alberto Fabbian adapts with a little from day to day, and if you have kids, you know that one