Barn Homes


Contemporary Twist Plentzia 79 Barn Home by AV62 Arquitectos

Contemporary Twist Plentzia 79 barn home by AV62 Arquitectos. Spectacular glass-in Plentzia 79 House by AV62 Arquitectos, reminiscent of a traditional barn style. A closer look from the outside in reveals this concern home to detail and attractiveness of anything, but standard. It located in Abanico de Plentzia, Bizkaia, Spain. This modern wonder of glass,

The Long Barn to Homes Conversion Studio by Nicolas Tye Architects

The long barn to homes conversion studio by Nicolas Tye Architects. Nicolas Tye Architects is an award winning companies are pushing the boundaries of the very design to create timeless architecture and inspiration, not only in creating an exclusive environment and constantly high quality for everyone, but by recognizing that the world around us never

Modern Barn Home Design by Jager Janssen Architects

Modern barn home design by Jager Janssen architects. This unique barn design house with JagerJanssen Architects have created a modern statement in the small town of only 1,500 homes, located in the northern Netherlands. Overlooking the water and surrounded by magnificent landscapes, contemporary design of this comes in the form of an old warehouse with

Beautiful Lake View House Design in Switzerland

Beautiful lake view house design in Switzerland. Casa Larga stood like a monolith in the middle of a vineyard Ticinese, protruding high above Lake Maggiore. After a stroll in the village of Incella, outside the narrow alleys of medieval, the view expands to reveal a breathtaking view. From the smooth, beautiful Magadino populous north, the
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