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Computer Workstation on Wheels Globus by Artifort

Computer workstation on wheels globus by Artifort. Computer workstations on wheels Globus designed by Michiel van der Kley for Artifort. Workstation combines technology and aesthetics to achieve the object of interior design is charming and in par with the digital age. Globus offers a built-in mini-PCs and SiteKiosk, making the Internet instantly available to each

Configurable Sofa by Prooff

Configurable sofa by Prooff. This sofa set is modular meeting space that reaches the concentration and relaxation when needed. The piece, when assembled in different configurations, can allow to sitting, stand, and close the discussion. WorkSofa is made of solid wood framing, with an additional point of feet thick. It is coat with high quality

Computer Desk Hides Wires in Legs

Computer desk hides wires in legs. This computer desk is molded glass-reinforced plastic form with empty legs, to drive the computer via cable. Each leg ends with the holes on the surface of the table, letting the cable down through the leg and out at the bottom. aTable called, was presented at the Blickfang Stuttgart

Beautiful Elegant Table Design Unpredictable by Paolo Cappello

Beautiful elegant table design unpredictable by Paolo Cappello. Designed by Paolo Cappello for innovative brands Miniforms Italy, this elegant table design takes an organic approach to modern home. Placed in your office or take center stage in the living room or your den, Otto low-profile table features a wooden base that looks like it was