Entryway Stool with Horns

Entryway Stool with Horns. The “Antler Bench” is an attractive option for the entrance because it serves two purposes: to make your guests laugh right from the entrance and allow them to hang hats, purses and umbrellas. Designer Ji-youn Kim explains that stool is changes every normal operate into “Antler-Man” directly! So, when someone seats

Modern Accent Furniture by Compar

Modern Accent Furniture by Compar. Zac and Mila would make a lovely pair! These accent furniture pieces from a new collection by Italian company Compar scream “modern” while whisper “functional.” Zac is a line of designer accessories by Pierpaolo Zanchin featuring contemporary, polyurethane base lacquered finish in classic black or white, or glam it in

Coat Hanger for Entryway: Yak by Rupert Kopp

Coat Hanger for Entryway: Yak by Rupert Kopp. Yak is a cool, urban style coat rack for entrance. Designed by Rupert Kopp for the German company Nils Holger Moormann, is shaped like horses, but functions as a storage of household goods are convenient, such as jackets, shoes, and sports equipment. Yak framing made from untreated

Foyer Chairs That Are Practical and Cool

Foyer Chairs That Are Practical and Cool. Someone finally came up with practical ideas for foyer furniture: a chair that looks modern and solve several problems at once. Reindeer porch chair in Brazil Baita Design Studio is part of a hat and a coat hanger and seat parts. This multi-functional piece of furniture comes in
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