California Home Decoration Style. California is many things to many people — the home to Hollywood and the movie industry, a land of ethnic influences such as Asian and Spanish, the lush luxury of the wine country and the retreat of those who embrace a casual, natural lifestyle. To sum up California decor with any one theme is impossible. Taking a look at some of the prominent California styles, however, may give you an idea of the Golden State’s many facets.

California Home Decoration Style :

Sophisticated Decor

There’s nothing more glamorous than Hollywood in its heyday. The 1930s were a time of simple elegance in the movies and in home decor. Many film stars embraced the Hollywood Regency style that incorporated crystal chandeliers, lacquered furniture and sensual, sumptuous fabrics. Modern California decor tends more toward a minimalist look that consists of sleek pieces with simple lines. Contemporary pieces in an eclectic style and accented with eye-catching art are commonly found in homes throughout the Hollywood Hills.

Ethnic Decor

Many buildings and homes in California display the Spanish influence of the Catholic colonists. The California Mission style is a common design theme in the area. White walls, tile roofs, wrought-iron accents and tile floors highlight this style. The interior decor often consists of simple wood furniture and natural colors with red accents. An Asian influence also pervades in California. With the influx of Asians to the West Coast in the 1800s, Americans in the area became enamored with the exotic design element of those communities. Oriental wall fans, folding screens with delicate designs, black lacquer furniture and paper lanterns are commonly found.

Vineyard Decor

To many people, California is the green, rolling landscape of the Napa and Sonoma Valleys. Oftentimes people recreate the home and hearth feeling in their own houses by incorporating artwork that features grapes, wine bottles, grapevines and a French country feel. Earth tones are popular colors, accented with purple, violet and maroon. A wine rack or cellar are commonly found in these homes, along with a variety of crystal wineglasses, often on display in the kitchen as a practical part of the decor.

Casual Decor

Other homes in California simply embrace a casual, comfortable style that represents the state’s laid-back attitude. Large, comfortable pieces of overstuffed furniture, bright colors such as yellow, aqua, pink and orange, and artwork that depicts the California beach lifestyle are common. Indoor/outdoor living is part of the California lifestyle as well. Doors that open onto a central area that features a swimming pool and outdoor dining areas are found in many homes, and the outdoor decor is often repeated throughout the house.

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