Black and White Polka Dot Bedroom Ideas – Polka dots can work with any design style, from subtle and sophisticated to bold and dramatic; the impact they create depends on the size of the dots and the amount you include in your room decor. As you work polka dots into your bedroom, determine how you can use them judiciously to fit in with your overall design plan.

Black and White Polka Dot Bedroom Ideas

Pair With Stripes

For a fun mix of patterns, combine polka dots with stripes; the contrast provides an unexpected and energetic effect. Just a touch of striped material will do. If you are using polka dot bed linens, for example, put in an upholstered striped headboard. You can also use striped material on a vanity stool, a striped valance or even just a striped accent pillow on the bed.

Small Accents

If you want an understated look or if you just want to try out polka dots without committing, go with small touches around your bedroom. Replace your current lampshades with polka dot versions, for example, or add a dotted bed skirt. You can also put polka dots on picture frames, curtains, pillowcases or makeup cases.


To work polka dots into the room without redoing your decor, invest in a black and white polka dot area rug, which creates a big statement with a minimal amount of work. For a big impact, put the rug in the open area of the room; for a more subtle look, place it under the bed with the edges peeking out from the sides. If you have a pale color scheme in your bedroom, use a rug with a black background with white dots; for a darker room, use a white rug with black dots for contrast.

Accent Wall

You can achieve a dramatic look from polka dots by painting them onto an accent wall. Choose the wall behind your bed to turn the combination into the focal point of your bedroom. An accent wall is a way to work polka dots into the decor without creating a too-cute atmosphere; the overall look will be clean and modern. Create your own polka dots by drawing a pencil grid on the wall and using it to align the dots, which you can make by tracing around a circular container or stencil.

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