Bedroom Painting Makeover Ideas – When your bedroom decor needs an update, painting is the quickest way to make a big statement. With a new paint color, you can change the entire atmosphere of the room. As you choose paint colors and ideas, factor in the amount of time and money you have to invest in the project.

Bedroom Painting Makeover Ideas :

Accent Wall

When you want to create a new bedroom design without repainting the entire room, select one wall and turn it into an accent wall. Paint it a new color; you can go with a bold, saturated color or use a design like stripes. Because you are painting a single wall, you can use patterns that would be overwhelming when used on the entire room. Place your bed against the accent wall so it stands in place of a headboard. For an unexpected look, choose a corner section of the wall that is divided by a window and a door and paint it in stripes.


If you have many architectural details in your bedroom, highlight them by using multiple shades of the same color. You might choose different shades for the walls, door molding, window frames and alcoves. Choose a light, warm color, like pale sand or cream so the overall effect is subtle rather than overwhelming. Soft colors create a calm, relaxing feeling in the bedroom that can turn it into an elegant, restful oasis.


For a small room, make the most of the natural light by painting the walls and the ceiling in a single shade of white. White opens up the space and makes it look bigger. Pair white walls with white furniture, white bedding and a few pale accent colors. White can also be used to create a rustic feeling; you might also pair white walls with very pale sage or gray accents for a sophisticated look.

Textured Walls

Create a luxurious paint job that will add depth by using a textured finish. Paint the walls a new color, and sponge on a metallic glaze for an understated look. You can also use a roller to put on a light coat of paint that is slightly lighter or darker than the current color, or use sponge painting for an involved project.

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